Quantitative Challenge Question week-01

Challenge Question

Quantitative Challenge Question week-01

Challenge Question of the Week

Welcome to Quantitative Challenge Question week-01, here’s the weekly challenge question of GMAT and GRE for you. You can see the answer explanation below the question.


Quantitative Challenge Question week-01


If a pizza is splitted into different parts in four straight-cuts, maximum how many parts the pizza can be splitted?

A) 8
B) 9
C) 10
D) 11
E) 12



This question might ask in GMAT. First of all, the question is asking the maximum possible pieces that the pizza can be splitted. That means we can split pizza into different pieces with four cuts. So you should draw the circle and four lines such that every next line must pass all other lines previously drawn. Those who not understand the point can see the steps as below:


First you need to draw a circle:



First step:

Circle 1


Second step:

Quantitative Question of the week-01


Third step:

Circle 3


Fourth step:

Circle 4


Finally, your drawing should be link this:

Circle 5


Therefore choice D is correct answer.


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