How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program

How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program

How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program

How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program

Many people have asked us that How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program in many reputable universities in the world? In this article, we will answer this frequently asked question. As many of you get familiar with Importance of GRE score breakdown and some list of universities require GRE score. There are different criteria for admissions in different universities, yet the difference is not much obvious.

Most of the universities give maximum weightage to GRE General test score, while considers other part of the application on later stage. We have contacted with different program coordinator of several top ranked universities regarding admissions. Based on those responses, We have concluded that most of the program coordinators do not give significant weightage to one or two things in the application. They see the overall profile of the applicants. Moreover, after careful analysis, It becomes clear that universities shortlist applicants from thousands to just two figure. It has been proven that universities shortlist applicants based on GRE score on first stage. So the first impression is very important that leaves an attractive image. Also, it does not mean that only GRE score is considered in first stage of shortlisting. But GRE score plays significant role in first stage.


GRE Score required for MS admission:

There are several ways to answer ‘How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program’. Firstly, If you are going to apply in any of top 30 universities in your program, you need to prepare well in order to compete most talented applicants from the world. Because it’ll be a happenstance that everybody with overall strong profile also apply to your desired university. Therefore, you should think more about strategic decision rather than emotional one. The first step, but not the least, that distinguish you with an eye glance of your profile from rest of the applicants is your GRE score. For instance, if the average GRE score in your desired university is 75th percentile. And let’s suppose your GRE score is somewhere around 80th percentile, and you feel confident. But with 80th percentile score, you may be rejected on the ground that almost similar score from other applicants who are better than you in other aspects of application. So what thing makes a difference is a different GRE score like 90th percentile or above. This will provide your first impression more significant. On other hand, applicants with 75th percentile will not get better edge on first glance.

Secondly, you will have much better chance to get admission even if you are not better than others in other aspects of the application. Because it would be hard for the program coordinator to reject your application. Because they might loose an opportunity to improve their average GRE score rank.


GRE Score required to get Scholarships:

Another aspect to answer ‘How important is GRE score for admission in MS Program’ is in term of scholarship. If you intended to apply to an average ranked university that fall in top 100, you’ll get opportunity of 100% scholarship from many universities. These universities are eager to improve their ranking to get within top 30. Furthermore, definitely studying Masters program from average rank university with 100% scholarship is not a bad idea if you cannot afford academic fee.

Thus, GRE score has significant impact in your overall profile. It not only helps in admission but also helps in scholarship and provide funding. Therefore, before going to appear in GRE, you must set very good target while GRE Preparation.


Finally, for those who are seeking to get very good score in GRE General Test, We’ve prepared an exclusive 60-days GRE Preparation plan. Students who will follow this study plan would ultimately have more chance to get admission in their desired universities in the world.


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