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Welcome to GRE Preparation Online course, which is the most comprehensive course designed for those who need more than 90th percentile in GRE. The best part is that you may ask related question via WhatsApp (text or audio recording) during GRE Preparation Online, after getting Gold membership. Additionally, this course is designed for every level of student. So, in this page, you will come to know how to get started. Those who don’t know about GRE, click on What is GRE?. This course will help you in building problem solving skill, critical thinking skill and logical reasoning skills that are required to excel GRE.



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Important Note: After preparation here, you do not need to buy any book or material for practice. This course is very comprehensive, so you will not require to buy anything else.


In order to know the fee structure and buy the complete course, click on ‘GRE Course Fee’ button below:


How to get started?

There are three stages of preparation as mentioned below this page. You should start studying from free beginners study plan (Stage 1). That would give you a basic highlight how you would prepare through this website in addition to improving your basic concepts.


Three stages of GRE Preparation Online Course:

Given below are three stages as mentioned earlier. Click on the appropriate stage to get started:


Stage 1. Beginners Refresher – (7 Days) FREE

Stage 2. GRE Study Plan – (30 Days)

Stage 3. GRE Practice Session – (23 Days)


Important Note: For further information, you may contact me on email ( or you may discuss problems via Whatsapp (+923214711387).



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