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About Me

About Me

First of all, let me tell you bit about me, and then about my motive behind this online preparation course work. I have been extraordinary in these exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT & LSAT and GAT. Not only this, I love these core skills of problem solving, critical thinking and decision making that is tested in these exams. Below are the score records of some of the exams mentioned above:

  • GMAT – 710 (Q 51, V 36)
  • GRE – 327 (Q 170, V 157)
  • GAT – 92
  • LSAT – Will attempt very soon


I got admitted to several business schools including NUS and University of St. Gallen, but have not interested in doing any jobs or other business etc so not opting for MBA again. Actually, before attempting these exams, I have already done MBA from Pakistan. Currently, I am working on different project based work related to international exhibitions to help Pakistani companies to showcase their products to international markets and enhance their exports as a result. Also, I am teaching GRE at several universities under Pak-US Knowledge Corridor project organized by Higher Education Commission (HEC). I use to teach these exams for teaching is my favorite profession.

Many people appear in these exams as mentioned above, but unable to get required score to get admitted to their desired school or university. The problem is not with the intellect of those students who didn’t succeed but with the lack of skills, which they need. In order to guide those people, I have prepared a comprehensive curriculum to build sets of skills and get excellent scores.

For people living far away from Lahore, or who not able to relocate to Lahore, I decided to make an online course for them; that would help every person whether good in understanding these exams or not. My plan was to make such a comprehensive course that would help people to achieve their target score and get success. So when my students perform very well in their exams and get admitted in well reputed universities, I feel that I have played my part in improving someone’s life.


“Success is the name of Perseverance, which is really hard to attain but is everlasting if attained!”


My motive behind this project:

Everybody attempt exams in order to get various scholarships in addition to get admissions in better ranked universities in the world. To get top score, one has to prepare really well with best strategies and practice oriented materials. Such material should be in a form that improve the skill level of students with a gradual pace step-by-step. Different people are different in understanding concepts. So it was quite hard to produce that material which provide different study environment to different categories of people. So even after preparing through expensive institutes or books, majority of people failed to achieve their target score. This has happened because those people were not able to adjust themselves with the class, and hence not able to go with the class in fast pace.

To address this issue in a much systematic, dynamic and customized way, I have prepared comprehensive study plan with practice oriented scenarios and published the stuff online. This has made much easier for all to understand concepts and do practice. The challenge was that I have to create such quality study stuff that would be convenient for all. Moreover, I required to get individual attention of each student who would study the course, and may ask any question. As the future of my student is in my top most priority, so I thought about it for few weeks. Finally, a new idea came in my mind and I started building the complete course online. After that, I worked hard to compile all those lectures which I used to teach on campus. This project required too much brain storming and efforts. But for sake of providing education all over the world, I accepted that challenge and finalized this course. This course has been designed in such a way that my students can perform well in their exam and get top it off for admissions with scholarships and become source of my pride.

So this is all about me and my motive behind this online course. Ready to start the online preparation? Click on relevant button below:

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