About Me


About Me

I have learned couple of things from teaching. It’s more than a passion for me. Mare teaching is not the aim what makes this profession the most favorite, rather training through a rigorous course work that helps my students in building the required sets of skills makes this profession the reason why I have opted this enthusiastically and have set my objectives accordingly.

I have taken GRE and GMAT twice with highest 327 and 710 respectively. But these scores never make a person an excellent teacher, rather this profession is a much bigger and harder thing. I always consider my student as if I am in his/her place and want to help in polishing his/her reasoning skill. These tests is not just about Math or English, rather its more about reasoning and justifications. I believe that without focusing on reasoning skills, getting a good score in such exams is unrealistic task.

Since 2012, I have taught GRE at an institute in Model Town, Lahore. I left the institute and joined HEC in 2018. Since that, I have been working with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to train GRE course at different universities where HEC organize and sponsor. The training program is a part of US-Pak Knowledge Corridor, which provides a lucrative opportunity for students who want to study PhD from USA. Currently, I am organizing seminars in different parts of the country starting from my home city (Lahore). Pakistani students need to learn Problem Solving Skill, Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skill, Comprehension and Analytical Writing skill to get excellent score in these exams. My Teaching method revolves around these core areas and covers three stages to help students in building these skills:

Basic Math Lesson-01

Under the HEC project of US-Pak Knowledge Corridor, I have trained GRE at University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Additionally, I have trained lecturers and students of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, University of Sindh, ISRA University, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology at Mehran University arranged by HEC.

Before joining HEC in this project, I worked at Reach Expo on a project based tasks to facilitate the exports of this country by encouraging companies that have exports potential so they can exhibit their products to international markets. Currently, I’m also planning to study PhD in Development Economics from USA. After accomplishing my short-run goals.


So this is all about me and my motive behind teaching.

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